Glenn Wheatley

As part of our commitment to capturing and sharing great Australian music stories, the Australian Music Vault asked some of the country’s most influential trailblazers and unsung heroes to open up about their lives in music.

Glenn Wheatley has had many roles during his career as a musician and talent manager for artists such as Little River Band, John Farnham and Delta Goodrem. Born in Brisbane in 1949, Wheatley began his musical journey in Brisbane as guitarist with Bay City Union before gaining national attention as bass guitarist for legendary Australian band, The Masters Apprentices. During the 1970s and 1980s, Wheatley turned his attention to management helping Little River Band to break into the competitive American market and reviving the career of friend and colleague John Farnham by mortgaging his house to finance what would become the No.1 selling Australian album of all time, Whispering Jack.

In this interview, Glenn speaks to Brian Nankervis about his earliest musical memory, seeing Elvis performing on The Ed Sullivan Show, and how it started his lifelong love affair with music. He recalls an infamous Masters’ gig where he was stripped naked on stage by over-zealous fans, and shares his memories of travelling to London to record at Abbey Road Studios where he used the same piano that Paul McCartney had used to record ‘Let It Be’. He also reflects on his time as a talent manager working in America with David Bowie and the Little River Band, and on his lifelong friendship with singer, John Farnham.

Glen Wheatley | Long Play Series

Interviewer: Brian Nankervis

Location: Melbourne Room, Arts Centre Melbourne, 2017


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