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Music - During visit


There are various instruments on display in the exhibition. How many can you see and what are they? Take note of who they belong to and their stories. Think about why instruments are so important to musicians and performers.

Find some of the lyric books from various performers. What do you notice about these notebooks? Are the lyrics finished? How do you see the artistic process represented?


Spend some time inside The Amplifier. Identify a musical experience you’ve had where you feel music has moved you in some way or made you feel strong emotion. Try to identify what it was about the music that made you feel that way. Have you heard anything in the exhibition that you already knew and like? Do you hear any new music you like?

The exhibition investigates an Australian sound. Can you hear it in the music playing in the exhibition?


Name some of the musicians you feel the exhibition is suggesting were some of the most important musicians in Australian Music History. Do you agree? Why? Why not? If you haven't heard of these musicians, you may like to investigate them further.


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