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During Visit


Look at pictures and videos of one of the bands in the Australian Music Vault and think about the following:

What can the Australian Performing Arts Collection reveal to us about the history of design for musicians over the last 50 years in Australia? See if you can pick up on any trends – ideas that keep popping up in different areas. Also think about design for these bands compared to bands of the same era overseas – what are the similarities and differences?


Listen to one of the songs in the exhibition via the digital labels or elsewhere. Make sure it’s one you’ve never heard before. Sketch a quick costume you think would be a good costume for a band member to wear performing this song based only on the sound of the song.


Find a costume that you find interesting for some reason. Identify as best you can, the fabrics, colours and main design elements. Why do you like it or find it interesting?

Find two examples of different poster designs. What is different about them? How do the images, font, design and colours create a certain mood or identity for the band or event?


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