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Collection - Post-Visit

TASK 1 - Capture a collection

Take something that you, a family member or a friend collects. You will present this collection to the class. But how? Consider ways in which you could document the collection and explain it to others. You may need to make drawings or sketches, take photographs, make a video or audio recording or, perhaps, a combination of all these things. As you document the collection, think about the items and why they have been collected. Why are these items worth collecting and keeping? What makes them interesting, special or unique? Why should we remember these items? Present the collection to the class and explain its Significance.
TASK 2 - Become a Curator

Choose a recent or current Australian musician for inclusion in the Australian Music Vault exhibition. As a curator, what items would you like to source from collectors or the musician themself that could have significance in the exhibition? Think of items that uniquely relate to the musician or their music, or that tell an interesting story about them. Optional (Advanced) Explain how you would assess these items using the assessment process and criteria from Significance 2.0 (Page 10). You can look up items that are already in the Australian Performing Arts Collection here.

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Learning Areas Capabilities
The Arts
  • Music
    • Respond and Interpret
  • Visual Communication Design
    • Explore and Represent Ideas
    • Present and Perform
    • Respond and Interpret
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and Social
  • Speaking and Listening


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